Week 3 Reflection

The third and final week was much less hectic and more of a relaxing week.  This was mostly because the entire class needed time to get together their research for the final presentation and final paper.  Regardless, it was an amazing last week and the extra free time was put to good use between me […]

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September 11th Reading Reflection

 What does a regular everyday Japanese citizen think about non-Japanese people living in Japan?  Would they rather Japan stay mono-ethnic forever or do they want diversity? Why do you think Japanese treat Halfs or non-Japanese the way they do?  Is it fear of differences or do they not want change?  What do you think it […]

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September 4th Reading Discussion

 What is the importance of the Itsukushima Shrine to the Japanese people?  Has the importance of the Shrine changed over time? What does the Itsukushima Shrine symbolize?  Has the symbolism of the Shrine changed over time?  Have the clans been worshipping different goddess the while time? Are there any negative components of the Shrine?  Any […]

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